The Adventure Begins!

Our crazy adventure officially begins today, 24 September 2015, as we drive from San Diego to Draper Utah to pick up our new Tiffin Allegro Bus. We got this wacky idea, almost three years ago, to buy a “big fat” RV motor-home and travel the US in search of fun, adventure, great regional cuisine and lots of new friends along the way! 


For almost three years we’ve pored over blogs, pictures and brochures, attended all the RV shows we could get into and dreamed of owning one we could live in for extended road trips. We didn’t think we could full-time RV, as many people across the country have begun to do; chucking it all and living in their motor-homes. And we don’t rough it well – not that we haven’t, or couldn’t, it’s just that we wouldn’t. So, we knew we needed something big, luxurious and affordable – even if we were living on the road for relatively short stints.

We figured one of us could retire and the other would work until we were both retired and then regroup on what we wanted to do next. So we saved, sold off non-essentials and looked at lots of RVs…and looked…and looked. What we really wanted appeared in-affordable, unless we sold off our houses, which we didn’t want to do. But we kept the vision alive by watching YouTube videos of other couples who had successfully escaped the daily grind; and dreamed.

Then one day it happened. We were at an RV show in San Diego and walked into our future model coach for the first time. It was truly an amazing experience of coalescence of all the things we wanted and a price tag we could almost afford. It was perfect…a Tiffin Allegro Bus 37AP.

We didn’t want over forty feet, but we discovered that the quality of most motor homes began to fall off under forty feet. This one measured in at 38′ 11”. I know huh? Why do they call it a 37 then? We haven’t a clue. But it was beautiful inside and out.

Our new bus on the lot of GeneralRV

After much more shopping for a price and options package we wanted and discovering we couldn’t find a reasonable compromise, we decided to order a new one from the factory instead of buying used; like most sane people do – so they don’t drive off the lot 20% poorer in depreciation. But, we did discover some dealers would broker a deal through the factory, for a small profit, if we were willing to do most of the work. We were!!

So, to make a 3 year long story shorter, we finally got the call from GeneralRV in Draper Utah that our brand new coach had been delivered and was waiting for us. So here we are, meeting our Tiffin Allegro Bus for the first time. And so it begins…

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