Turning Us Loose On The Road In Our New RV

Driving the first few miles down the freeway in our new Tiffin Allegro Bus, I am thinking to myself, if these people all around me ever realize I’ve never driven one of these monsters before they will flee in terror! But here we are, already a few miles away down the road from the relative safety of the dealership and everything is going pretty much as advertised. I can look in the rear view dash camera and sure enough, our Jeep Cherokee vehicle we are towing is still back there. I keep checking on it just to make sure. Wait! Where’d it go?? Oh, never mind, wrong rear camera view…whew!

We had spent the first night right outside the fence of the dealership, plugged into their power and I’m not ashamed to admit, not just a little apprehensive about moving. We both spent much of the night figuring out how everything worked, what all the switches were for and shaking our heads in disbelief – whoa, is this bus ever loaded with new technology! We were actually in our new motor home and we had no clue what to do next.

The next morning we plan to get rolling early, but much to our surprise, a quick check of the tire pressures reveal the right rear, inside dual-tire is nowhere near the right pressure. Tiffin told us to start with about 105 lbs per tire and this tire was barely at 80. Fortunately we were only 30 yards from the dealership and they got the tire topped off so we could finally be on our way. They told us to monitor that tire to make sure there wasn’t some sort of slow leak…great. That’s all we need is a blow-out the first day on the road! But I digress.

Today our goal is to head 25 miles down the road to Lakeside RV Resort, on Lake Utah, outside of Provo, for our first overnight stay in an RV park. Assuming we didn’t spontaneously explode, or lose control somehow and end up down a ravine.

“I just wanted to add, that in spite of my exhilaration at finally realizing our dream of motoring down the road in our beautiful new Allegro Bus, I am anything but calm. David’s driving inspires confidence, but I still can’t get over the fact that including our Jeep, we are over 50 feet long and only have about 12 inches either side of the dotted yellow lines in our lane (felt like a gnat’s eyebrow to me) – we are a train!” ~ Michele

Nothing crazy happens however and later this same day we pull into the RV park, trying our best to look like weathered veteran road warriors. No one paid us much notice. They took our money, we dropped our tow car and headed over to our site and parked. We had just gotten things mostly squared away when I heard a voice behind me:Lakeside RV Park, Provo, UT

“Are you guys stalking us or something?” I turned to see Cal Kimsey walking over with a huge grin on his face. We had just met them at the dealership where they were buying our same coach and had completed their walk-through a couple hours before us. They were down from Alaska, where Cal manages engineering for a goldmine in North Pole Alaska. Amazing! They were just two sites to our left – well actually, I found out we were in the wrong site and we had to move across the access road from them.

Cal and his wife Tami have become our first new RV friends and it is amazing sitting in their new coach with them over glasses of wine. Inside, it looks almost exactly like ours. They are a full-time RV couple and have spent years on the road already, mostly up and back down the Al-Can highway from Alaska.

We swap lots of stories, mostly theirs of living on the road and then off to bed. Tomorrow we start the second leg of our new journey, heading down to our next stop, Hurricane Utah.

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