One Night Stand at Primm Valley Casino

This evening we are staying overnight at the Primm Valley Casino, which on the map looks like it’s so close to the California/Nevada border you could just jog across into California. In fact, the town used to be called State Line, but was too easily confused with a town of the same name along the northern Nevada border. So they renamed the town after it’s original developer, Ernest Jay Primm.

We’re right across the street from the iconic Whiskey Pete’s and Buffalo Bill’s casinos and the local outlet stores. I originally thought Whiskey Pete was just a clever name dreamed up by a marketing company. It turns out there really was a Whiskey Pete; or Pete McIntyre to be exact. He owned the town gas station in the 1920’s but fell on hard times, as many did during The Great Depression. He turned to bootlegging to supplement his flagging gas sales and the locals around Primm Valley came to know him as Whiskey Pete.

Whiskey Pete's Hotel

Old Pete died in 1933, but his unmarked grave was accidentally exhumed while workers were building a connecting bridge from Whiskey Pete’s to Buffalo Bill’s Hotel and Casino. The body was moved and is now said to be buried in one of the caves where MacIntyre originally cooked up his moonshine. I think he’d be amazed at what a big star he’s become today.

We’re not big gamblers, but casinos let RVers and truckers overnight in their ample parking lot for free. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us and we just need a place to rest our weary heads. Well…and maybe do a bit of shopping in their outlet stores.

We’re not in the mood for their steakhouse but the only alternative is their buffet-style diner that is reminiscent of a high-school cafeteria. It’s so unimpressive I don’t even remember the name. And didn’t casinos used to entice you in with tasty food and amazing prices to get you in there to gamble? Not here!

Primm Casino Outlet Stores

However, the outlet stores are fun to shop and they do allow you to stay the night in their parking lot, so it’s a pretty good deal all around. We’ll being using our generator, along with all the truckers, to run our air conditioners all night because it’s still almost 90 degrees at 10 pm!

Primm Valley Casino

In the morning, I notice one of my tires is low, so we pull across to a Flying J on our way out to use their air pumps. I have an air compressor with a hose chuck on board, but I need to purchase an air hose and nozzle.

John Newman of Dudes Inc

We pull up between two semi-trucks and I look over to the left and see a trucker looking over at us with a big smile, motioning to me. He yells across: “What to trade rides?”

We get to talking and joking with him and he offers to let us use his air compressor and hose to top off our tires. John Newman is a former Marine and an all around great guy. He runs freight out to California and back from Chicago and just paid off his tractor, so now he’s really in the black on his little one-man trucking company. We love the name: Dudes, Inc.

Off we go again. We’re going to cannon-ball run to make it all the way home for some repairs and to get ready for our trip north for the holidays.

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