Guajome County Regional Park

After loading half of our worldly belongings….or so it seemed, we have launched ourselves. The adventure begins! 1st stop, Guajome County Regional Park in Oceanside CA; so we can beat the traffic through LA tomorrow. Later we’ll be “wine-ing” our way up through Northern California for the holidays.


But we’re also nearing Halloween, so of course we brought decorations!

Guajome Park Campsite

We’ve gotten a fabulous campsite at the lower end of the park. There are almost 5 miles of hiking trails behind us and all around Guajome Lake. It’s an amazing park that forms a large chunk of protected land, a hidden gem right in the middle of the bustling community of Oceanside CA.

Kato at Guajome Park

This is Kato’s maiden voyage too and though we don’t let him outside, he has lots more windows to look out of than he had at home and the scenery keeps changing everyday. That’s just what an ADD cat needs! But it is also a bit unnerving for him at first – as you can see he’s looking a little worried.

Guajome Lake

The centerpiece of Guajome Park is the lake. It’s beautiful, surrounded by cattails, willows and California Pepper trees. And it’s obviously a winter refuge for all kinds of waterfowl that head south for the winter.

Guajome Lake Ducks

Two Native Americans from the Mission San Luis Rey originally received the 2200-acre Rancho Guajome as a land grant from the Mexican governor in 1845. They sold it to a Los Angeles merchant, who gave it to his sister-in-law, Ysidora Bandini, as a wedding gift.


 We didn’t visit the old adobe rancho house and out buildings, but they’ve apparently refurbished them and today use the site for weddings and other fun celebrations.

Rancho Guajome Monument

A monument to the original rancho site stands near the Guajome Park entrance and as you can see, the name was originally Rancho Guajomita.

Well, that’s enough history for one day. We’re bedding down so we can hit the road early tomorrow. Next stop, after a brief overnight in Castaic, at the Valencia Travel Village, we’ll be heading north again to Buellton to stay at the Flying Flags RV Resort. We hear it’s gorgeous and incidentally, Buellton is famous for two fun facts: the town where they filmed Sideways and where Pea Soup Anderson’s was first founded. Woohoo!

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