A “Big Red” Howdy from Tobin James Cellars

We’re in Paso Robles, CA – yay! Home of “big red” wines and one of our personal favorite AVA wine regions. We spend our first night, compliments of Harvest Hosts, at Tobin James Cellars, just outside Paso Robles. For RVers, you couldn’t ask for a better venue. We can drink as much wine as we want and walk across the street to our home on wheels. I guess you could say we were WUI…much safer and cheaper than DUI!

They apparently really like the Harvest Hosts (HH) program here too. We are the poster children of this kind of program though. HH tells their members they should patronize their host wineries, farms and ranches, who allow them to spend the night for free. Buy a little something, is sort of expected if you’re a member, to repay the kindness of your hosts.

Well, we’ve bought over a hundred dollars of their wine and joined their wine club! It would have been much cheaper to stay in a high-end RV Resort, but not nearly as much fun!

Tobin James Cellars

Did I mention the wine? They let us sample off their reserve tastings wine list. There isn’t a wine on there we don’t love. They poured us ten tastings and then, because we probably looked like we needed yet another, they poured a final one that was as delicious as they come.

Jill helps wth selecting and pours

After hanging out with Jill Jones, one of their managers, we finally close the place and stagger across the street for the night. Fun times and so many more wineries to explore in Paso tomorrow. Visions of wine grapes dance in our heads as we sleep to the sounds of owls and coyotes crying in the canyons beyond.

RV Overnight at Tobin James Cellars, Paso Robles, CA

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