The Lodi Wine Adventure

Black Friday was made for… tasting!! Hitting the Lodi, CA  wine trail with our new Elks friends Mike and Berta! When you’re on the road, you never know when your’ll meet your next new adventure. It can happen in the most un-thought of ways and take you by surprise!

Anoint the bird

We pulled into the Modesto Elks Lodge the week of Thanksgiving. It’s a great location for many reasons, one of which is it’s so close to my family. We shared Thanksgiving dinner at my brother Brett’s house. He and I wanted to try something new and I had recently read about roasting a turkey in an hour. Now who wouldn’t love to have their Thanksgiving bird done in about an hour? Brett and I wrestled the bird down, anointed him with oils and herbs and tossed him in the oven. It turned out moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. Fantastic! I may never roast a bird any other way. Here’s how you can do it too! One Hour Roast Turkey

Another Thanksgiving treat happened just by chance. While David was parking the RV, hooking us up to power and water, I went in to register. As I came through the lodge I saw people setting up for a party. I engaged them in conversation and found out it was a 25th Anniversary party for Mike and Berta. One thing led to the next and soon I was helping them decorate and hearing about their story. We hit it off and got invited to the party! We are always finding great people in connection with the Elks Lodges!

So in essence, we checked into the Modesto Elks and an anniversary party broke out.  The next morning Berta stopped by our RV and asked if we would like to join them after Thanksgiving for a wine tasting trip up to Lodi. Sounded great to us! And so the next adventure began.

Lodi Elks

We arrived at the Lodi Elks Lodge to find Berta waiting in the parking lot but no Mike. She told us that their RV had blown an air bag and Mike was trying to get it fixed. Good luck on Thanksgiving weekend! We got ourselves settled in and found out Mike was going to arrive by car ‘cuz no one was available to order the part needed. Wine tasting was going to help soothe the pain. The view from the Elks Lodge bar is beautiful as it overlooks the Woodbridge Country Club golf course. In fact the Elks Lodge used to be the country club’s Clubhouse until 1956 when the Elks purchased it.

Lodi Lake

The Elks Lodge is Lodi is really in the town of Woodbridge, CA. Across the street from the lodge and down a bit is a beautiful park with biking and walking paths. In the summer you can kayak around Lodi Lakes and have a picnic. A bit chilly this time of year at 40 degrees, we opted for a bracing walk around the lake. Woodbridge Ecological Reserve. Truly lovely!

Woodbridge Crossing

The town of Woodbridge is quaint and historic. Many of the buildings belie the story of a bygone era. On the side of the Woodbridge Crossing restaurant is just one to the signs from the past. An old ad for baking flour can still be seen on the brick wall of the building. Woodbridge Est. 1859

Michael David

Let the tastings begin! The 1st stop was Michael David Winery where we worked our way through some of the 7 “Deadly Zins” Sloth, Gluttony, Rage, Lust, Rapture 🍷🍷🍷Reserve Wines!

Klinker Brick

Next Mike and Berta took us to an authentic Mexican food market where we purchased lunch to go. A little Mexican food on the patio and then some tasting at Klinker Brick Winery was a perfect pairing!

41 Buick

We had so much fun we decided to do it again the next day. But were we ever in for a surprise! Mike and Berta said they would pick us up the next morning. In they roll in Mike’s refurbished 1941 Buick. What a classy way to tour the vineyards!

Oak Farms

Our first stop of the day was probably our favorite. After a few tastes we were feeling festive around the fireplace at Oak Farms Winery. Every wine was delicious! But the Tievoli really struck us. Tievoli is Italian slang for “It’s great” or “It’s wonderful”. And when you spell it backwards it’s “I love it” and we did!

Macchia Winery

When it was time for lunch, we popped into a local store and picked up salads and sandwiches. And then we were off for lunch in the crisp afternoon air around the fire ring at Macchia Wines. In Italian, “Macchia” means “the spot”. and it certainly is a great spot for wine tasting and lunch! Picnic grounds, bocce, horseshoes, and other games are all great reasons to stay and play awhile along with many very good wines for the tasting.

Macchia Wine names

Macchia Winery had clever and fun names for all of their wines! All ending in “ous”.  Their “Adventurous” Zinfandel, “Righteous” Barbera, and “Dangerous” Port all come from the Linsteadt Vineyard, located in Amador County. This particular vineyard is known to be very spicy.

All good

How to make friends! It’s all good….being with friends and having fun!


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