On The Road Again

This is it!! The first stop on our grand tour around the US. Packing the coach for what could be a year long trip was daunting and fraught with peril if we left something essential behind. So we decide to make our first stop a relatively close one to home. That brings us back to Guajome County Park in Oceanside, CA. Roughly 42 miles from our house in San Diego. This was an excellent planning decision because it turns out we did leave something essential behind…no not the cat!

We use our iPod for all our music in our sound system in the Allegro Bus and wouldn’t you know, it got left off the packing manifest!

Packing Day

Packing day was quite the ordeal, especially in the rain. We were also delayed a couple more days due to an unexpected roof leak. But somehow everything made it into the RV…well almost everything.

So early our 2nd morning at Guajome, I jumped in the car and zoomed back home to retrieve it. It’s Saturday, yay! I grab a Starbucks and hit the road in the wee hours…the best time to drive the freeways around San Diego. I make it back in record time, so NOW our trip starts for real.

It’s a gorgeous weekend here at Guajome Park and we decide to do some hiking around the trail on the perimeter. A group of county park volunteers who are clearing trails are camping above us and have completed the outer most trail around the park and along Guajome Lake. They’ve done a great job taking out low hanging branches and weed-eating the brush back from the hiking trail.

Canadian Geese Guajome Park

There are endless opportunities for picture taking and we even get a great shots of the Canadian Geese wintering here. They are surprisingly good-natured but protective of their new goslings and herd them into the water to save them from the crazy iPhone cameraman!

It’s been a good couple days here and tomorrow, we head north over the San Bernardino Mountains to retrace our route from last year. It’s familiar and efficient, and we have friends to meet up with along the way! We are excited to hit the road again!

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