Melrose Vineyards of the Umpqua Valley

Part of the adventure is driving to a new place, rounding the corner and waiting to see where you have landed. We have mostly been very lucky when the next stop reveals it’s self.  Harvest Hosts has not let us down with the spots they have selected to be included as RV boondock camping at the many vineyards, farms and cheese producers across the country. Melrose Vineyards is lovely, peaceful and breathtaking from the minute you drive onto the property!

We are so happy to be here! After a long drive we are hungry and ready to relax. Who could ask for a better place to do both?

Melrose Vines

Melrose Vineyards is our stop for today and not only is it beautiful, it is a lot of fun! We enter the long drive lined with grape vines on our way down to the tasting room. When you first enter a property, you have no idea where they would like you to park your big home on wheels. I am the one to jump out and get the scoop. We have so many options at Melrose Vineyards because the property is huge and they are used to entertaining. Pam points out a variety of choices and says for us to park wherever makes us happy. I like that!

Melrose tasting room

The 100-year-old barn on the property, complete with breathtaking views, is the ideal location for the Melrose tasting room. From the tasting room you can see, what seems like, forever. The grounds are beautifully manicured and ready for the many parties, weddings, anniversaries and BBQ’s they cater at Melrose Vineyards. I’d like to have a party here!

Pam pours

Pam poured our wines and was a hoot to chat with. She is also the catering chef for events at the winery. We arrived to taste just before closing and we really hit it off.

Men Women Wine Sign

Soup of the Day Wine

















A little wine humor……

Cheese Platter

We settled on the patio after hours and got to know each other over a glass of our favorite wine pick and a cheese platter with amazing cheeses and some great, unique crackers!  I have a glass of Baco Noir a deep, dark red with aromas of blackberry and vanilla. David chose a glass of Pinotage. We had’t heard of this grape before but learned it’s a red wine grape that is South Africa’s signature variety. It was bred there in 1925 as a cross between Pinot noir and Cinsaut. The wine has hints of melon, raspberry, pear and caramel with a long viscous finish. We both enjoyed our wine tasting very much!

Crackers! I need to know where to find these crackers! I’m on a mission 🙂

Tasting room and patio

The patio outside of the tasting room is surrounded by azaleas and rhododendrons! “Rhody’s” are the big flower around here and they grow wild everywhere. They come in the most amazing assortment of colors as trees, bushes and in baskets. As we sipped our wine, we had the pleasure of meeting Wayne Parker, the owner of Melrose, and he’s quite the character! We found out Wayne was born in Santa Cruz, CA and has a 20-year history of growing grapes that were used as raisins in the San Joaquin Valley before he and his late wife Deedy started the winery at Melrose.

Car puls RV

Wayne teased us the next morning saying, “It looks like your car is towing your RV!” Part wine tasting, part socializing, part camping near the vines. So peaceful at night to be the only ones in acres of grape vines! We love this part so much!

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