Goofing Off in Boise!

Turning to your local expert is always the best way to find the fun in any new city. Our expert just happens to be our nephew Ian! We request a lazy day, casual approach to Boise and this is what we got!

Bittercreek Alehouse

Food 1st! ~ We roll into downtown Boise and head for the laid back atmosphere of the Bittercreek Alehouse Restaurant right on the main drag. Ian and I opt for the same burger, The Huntsman, but mine is bun-less! The Huntsman is a delicious house grind of grass fed beef, British huntsman of Gloucester cheddar & Stilton bleu, pickle, lettuce, onion, saloon sauce, applewood smoked bacon on a challah bun…or not. David has the Bittercreek Burger which is again a house ground chuck & brisket, pickle, lettuce, sun-dried tomato, onion, with saloon sauce. These are burgers to write home about! Moist, juicy and flavorful!

We also got a lesson in one of the local customs – “fry sauce”. It’s a sauce that everyone uses on their french fries but everyone’s recipe is slightly different. In essence it is ketchup, mayo and some sort of vinegar splash for tartness. I hear some put a dash of sriracha for heat, but that’s all up to the creator of the “fry sauce”. I always take pictures of the food I love but somehow got so caught up in the fun my burgere was gone before I snapped the shot. So sorry! You’ll have to take my word for it!

Freak Alley Gallery

Local Art Next stop ~ Freak Alley Gallery . It all began with a painting of a single alley doorway and now extends from the alley itself to gravel parking lot. The largest outdoor gallery in the Northwest, and a Boise institution since 2002. Located in downtown Boise at Bannock between Eighth and Ninth streets, the alley is for artists to display their work and cut back on random graffiti. They vote artists in and out so the art is constantly changing.


I got a tiger by the tail and is she ever a beauty! My personal favorite, not only because I’m a cat lover but the artist captured the majestic beauty of the animal and brought her to life! Roar!

Jimmy Hendrix

Jimmy Hendrix has a long time run in the alley. The word mirrors is actually mirrored glass. Cool!

State Capital of Idaho

Our thoughts turn to Politics, sort of ~ Idaho State Capital

Ring that Bell

Ring that bell! And we did! Was it ever loud!

Chatting with Friends

David chatting it up with a few close friends, Lewis and Clark!



Sun sets on a wonderful day! Wish I had pictures of last nights lighting storm! Spectacular flashes against a crimson sky! Sunset is 9:26 pm. Wild! Can’t quite wrap my brain around that! 🙂


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