Why Moose Around in Moose?

The town of Moose Wyoming is the gateway to Grand Teton National Park, located just east of the town of Jackson. So, if you want to moose around in the park, you gotta go through Moose!

By the way, ever wondered whether a herd of moose would be called, mooses, meeses, moosies or just┬áthe same as a single moose – moose? Turns out they’re all, or one, just moose. Now that we have that cleared up, you’re likely to seen them in the town of Moose as well. Which could complicate things even further if you want to refer to moose in Moose.

The town itself is kinda cute too, like you might expect of moose – or in this case Moose. The Grand Teton National Park headquarters is┬álocated there, the park service personnel maintain residence there and they have a terrific visitor center called Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center.

That’s where we met Sarah Carter, one of the friendliest park rangers, who helped us mark her favorite places of interest on one of the park maps. Soon after, they became our favorite places too.

And when in Moose, you gotta eat at Dornan’s Chuck Wagon. The food is supposed to be similar to what you find out on the range punching cattle. You know, BBQ beef, beans, pie – stuff like that. But there’s no way they ate this good! We did share the same scenery however – killer!

Check out the little mud Starling nests under the eaves. They’re pretty cute looking peaking out of their cubbies.

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