The Oxbow Incident

We came, we saw, we fell in love! Part of the way through our trip across country we stopped for 5 days at the Star Valley Ranch Resort, but that wasn’t enough!

We were so taken with the beauty around us, the sense of community, and the non stop fun and activities like golf, pickle ball, line dancing, grilling by the pond, hiking, biking and lots of eating, we decided to stay!


We just closed escrow on a little slice of heaven on Oxbow Drive at the resort and couldn’t be happier!

Now we have to build our outdoor entertainment area! It gets hot here in the summer so shade is essential! It’s a nice dry heat but at about 6,000 feet you gotta watch the sun!


I am so taken with the beauty and diversity of the Wyoming clouds! I just had to pull over on my way home from the market and take a picture!


And the sunsets are spectacular!

For now this is home. We are happy and oh so busy here on the range.The trip across this beautiful country resumes in September! Yee Haw!


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