Bar-J Chuckwagon Celebration

It’ my 65th birthday and since we’re out west in Wyoming my lovely wife made reservations for us and our two friends, Ken and Linda, at the Bar-J Chuck Wagon Supper and Western Music Show. We had heard this might be their last season of performances capping a thirty-nine year history of their shows on the Bar-J ranch near Jackson Wyoming. So while we were here we didn’t want to miss the chance to see their show.

The stars of the show are called the Bar-J Wranglers and they are Jackson Hole favorites,   but apparently also known worldwide for their music they take on the road in the off-season.

Their ranch property is several acres, right off the road to Teton Village, where Dick Cheney still has a summer home. A lot of famous people live around Jackson in fact, including long time resident Harrison Ford.

The Wranglers put on a whoop-dinger of a music and comedy show and when they say it’s a dinner show, boy they aren’t kidding! They fire up a huge outdoor barbecue pit and start throwing on hundreds of pounds of meat before they even start letting people in.

Seating is family style at long picnic style benches and you meet your neighbors from all over the country – some of them who’ve already been to the Chuck Wagon show several times. One of the most amazing things about the Bar-J is how they manage to get over 750 people through their dinner buffet lines in roughly 20-30 minutes.

They serve real chuck wagon food too. Similar, but certainly not the same quality as cowboys used to eat on cattle drives in this very same valley in the early 1900’s. It was not only really good,  but my rib-eye steak was even cooked medium rare per request. And if you want seconds? No problem! Nobody leaves hungry that’s for sure.

The show was a wail of a good time too and lasted just about long enough for you to feel like you were entertained, well fed and sent on home while you still wanted more.

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