Blazing Through Thermopolis

Who knew this little speck on our road map heading east would turn out to be such a hoot? In fact, for a town of just over 3000 people, this place is really hot – boiling hot in fact!

The name Thermopolis derives from Greek and literally translates to “hot city”. Which makes sense considering they claim to have one of the largest mineral hot springs, as part of Wyoming’s Hot Springs State Park.

But they also have a world class Wyoming Dinosaur Center right around the corner, with a towering fossilized Supersaurus on display. The name pretty much says it all. There are active dig sites within east driving distance too. But you can only see so much in a day.

We also missed the Bison herd that roams the 1000+ acre park and the petroglyphs on Legend Rock, which were about 30 miles away. So much to see and so little time!

We visited the Hot Springs Park, with it’s signature Tepee Fountain that looks like a huge smoking blob of mineral deposits. And we even got up early the next day and soaked in the hot springs mineral baths which are supposed to have amazing healing powers.

Thermopolis used to have a sanatorium built around the hot mineral baths and people would come from all over the world to try and cure all manner of ailments. We met two local residents who had to be in their late 70’s and claimed to come to the baths every day.

We’re not sure about the restorative powers of the baths, but the steaming water sure felt good on a cold morning!

We did sample the local cuisine at Las Fuentes, their local best Mexican restaurant, which has awesome traditional food and pretty good hot sauce too, but that’s another post!

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