Sacred Beauty of Devils Tower

A picture is worth a thousand words. The saying couldn’t be more true than when you are looking at Devils Tower. The pictures are beautiful but it is the feeling that comes over you when you view this towering rock against a crystal clear blue sky. You have to be here to really get it! It is awesome with the columns rising up to the sky. There is also a peaceful feeling that washes over you as you gaze at it form all directions.


The Circle of Scared Smoke. One of 7 sculptures by Japanese artist Junkyu Muto placed around the world with the theme of peace. The first one was placed at the Vatican, the second one where Buddha was born and the third one, because Mr Muto was so enthralled with the Native American culture, was placed at Devils Tower!

The sculpture, the third in a planned series of seven, represents the first puff of smoke from a newly lit pipe. It was placed to frame the Tower when viewed from its location across from the picnic area.

Devils Tower was America’s 1st National Monument. American Indians have lived around the Tower for thousands of years. It remains a place with a deep connection on a physical and a spiritual level.


Gazing up at the Tower, you see only one side at a time. as you hike the 1.5 mile Tower Trail around the base of Devils Tower. The front side is probably the most photographed side of the Tower.

Devils Tower 2

To truly experience the Tower, you really must observe it from all perspectives. As we round the bend the “2nd side” comes into view. The columns swirls at the base and give you a visual of how the flow ran so many years ago.


The hike around the Tower is beautiful one it’s own merits. The smell of sunshine on the pine needles, the sunlight filtering through the golden leaves of Autumn are all part of the experience.

Crack Up

Ever wonder how a natural wonder is created? How did these magnificent columns form? These columns are the widest and tallest in the world!

Devils Tower 3

Each side of the Tower reveals it’s own unique perspective which is one of the reasons it is so utterly awesome to view!

Devils Tower 4

The final “side” of the Tower has more forest surrounding it and the shape is very erect. This side is my personal favorite, possibly because it evokes so much emotion from me. Standing in the shadow of the trees and the Tower are humbling to say the least.

We are so happy to be enjoying natures work of art in the Fall. Taking in the fall sunshine with a view of the valley below Devils Tower. The Belle Fourche River (Pretty Fork River) flowing through the valley below Devils Tower. Love the red rocks!

The emotional adventure does not stop here! As we head back to base camp in the beautiful Belle Fourche Campground Devils Tower follows us. Many said we’d never fit into a National Park with our coach. But we did! What a view of Devils Tower! Our cat Kato approves of our selection of Belle Fourche River Campground too!

Very happy trails indeed! Until we meet again!


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