SculptureWalk in Sioux Falls

Everywhere we go, no matter how small the town, we find something of interest! Sometimes it’s a quirky little rock house, sometimes it’s faces of Presidents carved into rocks. What we have found is there is no place without a little piece of history or a story to tell. We love being on this inspirational road adventure! Sioux Falls just happened to be one of those places with an unexpected treat. An Art Walk that turned out to be really amazing!


The 13th Annual SculptureWalk Sioux Falls. All throughout uptown and the East bank are 56 sculptures by various artists. Jim Clark, the director of the SculptureWalk, says it takes a whole team to put the pieces up, including using a forklift because some sculptures are so heavy. He calls it a 1,000-piece Rubix Cube to put it all together. The sculptures stay on display for a year and the next year a different set of sculptures are installed! SculptureWalk is a non-profit volunteer organization and receives 25% commission on sold and commissioned works. Here’s just a few to whet your appetite for more!


“9 Lives”  By Steve Bormes

These are cool cats! Those old outboard motor covers purr like a kitten!


“Jam ‘n Eggs” By Kimber Fiebiger


“Lost in a Dream” By Jack Morford

Baseball boys

“Day at the Park” By Lawrence Starck


“Silver Aspen” By Robert Bruce


“Who Rescued Who?” By Lorri Acott

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