Argyle Lake State Park

It’s a great big beautiful country but sometimes you need a break from all the sights, the planning, laundry and shopping. You need Nature! Quite, calm, peaceful nature. That just what we got at Argyle Lake State Park. There was absolutely nothing to do and we LOVED it! Nothing but nature to entertain and delight us!


Cyclone Country!!?! The first sign we see as we are entering Colchester, Illinois! Oh, please say it isn’t so! We are looking for a calm hideaway!


Us and the trees! And yes, it’s calm and peaceful and we have plenty of room to spread out!

Kato loved it here too! Leaves fluttering to the ground like Autumn snow, squirrels and birds! He wore himself out sneaking up on the wildlife through the windshield! Such entertainment…for all of us!


My favorite RV! Happy Campers! The late 1980’s song by the B-52’s “Love Shack” kept going through my head all day. 🙂


Almost boon-docking….Since we are an all electric coach and hum along best at 50 AMPS,  24 AMPS makes it interesting…..Didn’t know ’til we pulled in that we could not exceed 24 AMPS. How do you only get to 24 AMPS? Couldn’t squeak out another 6 AMPS to get to 30 AMPS? No worries, we had a great time!


Memories made and remembered here! The smell of campfire smoke in the air….Childhood memories. My Dad was the first one up in the morning to light the campfire for us, the chilly mornings getting dressed in my sleeping bag to stay warm just a little bit longer and the hikes where Mom would name all the plants and flowers on the trail for us. With the sights and smells all the memories came flooding back! 🙂

The rustic wooden stairs on path down to the lakes edge blended right in with the landscape. Argyle Lake appeared at the base of the stairs…..then what? The path was covered in leaves and at times hard to find. What fun to explore!

Golden mushrooms and layers of other fungus make the tree stump so interesting, so Fall-ish. So Halloween! Bright berries almost seem like Christmas! What a gift!

Fungus and leaves, knot holes and logs. A peek of the lake through the center of a downed tree. All the wonders of the woods laying at our feet, just waiting to be admired. Argyle Lake State Park was just what we needed. A break in the activity, a chance to replenish our spirits.



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