Hannibal, Mark Twain’s Boyhood Home

Welcome to Hannibal MO, Mark Twain’s boyhood town! I love Twain as a writer of great stories about life but mostly for his witty comments! This town embraces it’s native son thoroughly!


In 1857 Samuel Clemens learned the trade of steamboat pilot and by 1859 he was a licensed pilot on the Lower Mississippi River. This statue along the Mississippi commemorates this period in time of his life.

Our timing was perfect to catch the American Queen Riverboat in the harbor as she sailed away under paddle power, music playing from the steam calliope. She only comes into the harbor occasionally and she is majestically huge! Terrific fun!


We are off the the Mark Twain Museum to catch up with one of our favorite authors. The boy, the writer, the man all told within the walls of the museum.


The famous whitewashed fence in front of the Mark Twain Museum; paint bucket, brush and all!


This is why I love Mark Twain! He can turn a troublesome moment with his mother around and view it in his favor! Love that kind of thinking and his sense of humor!


Samuel Clemens (Twain) father’s office in Hannibal. The Clemens family struggled financially but Samuel always looked for the fun and humor of life.


Just had to chuckle when I read this quote.

We all remember our childhood homes differently than they were. When we go home everything is smaller than we remembered. Hopefully we are remembering the best of it all.


Twain’s memories gave us many great and lasting treasures!


Do you know who all of these characters from Mark Twain’s books are?

Oh so true! Mostly  Funny! There is some truth to it also. You have to walk on the wild side and find adventure or you will be a dull person!  


Timeline of Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain’s life.


His love of Cats endears him to me even more.


The character Becky was based on Laura Hawkins, an actual friend of Samuel Clemens. In the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom expresses his desire to impress Becky and the friends from the picnic with his potential treasure.  They head for the cave and the treasure but Tom and Becky end up getting lost in the cave for days with only a piece of cake from the picnic to sustain them. Tom ends up saving the day for Becky and rescues her from the cave…. and they live happily ever after. The similarities between Clemens’s courtship of his wife Olivia and Tom’s courtship of Becky are astounding.


A statue of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in Hannibal are a testament to the enduring love for these two characters. Every where you loo there is a reference to Mark Twain in Hannibal Missouri. But it does seem a fitting tribute to a man who changed the way we looked at life and the people in it.

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