Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

There’s more to Nashville than music. Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park is a history lovers dream come true! There is so much to see and it’s a wonderfully relaxing park to just hang out in. Pack a picnic and go to the park for the day!  Continue reading

Boots, Bars and Beautiful Music

NASHVILLE! ~ Music City! Lower Broadway is the “Honky Tonk Highway” and it’s nothing but Boots, Bars and Beautiful Music! Every bar and Honky Tonk has live music and no cover charge! Music flows from every doorway and they all have tons of talent! Continue reading

More to Quilts Than Bedspreads!

WOW! These are not the quilts Grandma made for us and we loving draped over ourselves and our beds! These quilts are works of art that hang on the walls of homes and offices. They adorn the walls of the rich and famous. They are cherished and coveted as much as a work by your favorite painter. Once you see them, you know why. Come take a peek inside the National Quilt Museum with us!

Continue reading

Awesome Oldest US Botanical Garden

We never pass up the opportunity to walk through an arboretum or botanical garden, especially when it is the oldest in the United States! The Missouri Botanical Garden is the most AWESOME one we have ever seen! You could spend hours walking this amazing park like setting. And then you could come back again and again to be inspired, relaxed and entertained! Continue reading