Going ‘Round the Bend in Oregon

We’ve managed to make the trek over the Cascade Mountains, pushing nearly twenty tons of Allegro Bus and Jeep Cherokee up through the mountains from the town of Sweet Home and down into the valley beyond to Bend Oregon. What surely would have taken early pioneers weeks, we cover easily in a little over two hours, scaling steep grades along the Santiam River, surrounded by towering fir trees and craggy snow capped peaks bearing intriguing names like Finn rock and Three Fingered Jack. Continue reading

Napa Valley to Healdsburg

Where do I begin? So many wines, so little time to tell their stories. If California were a nation it would be the 4th leading wine producing country in the world — after France, Italy, and Spain in that order. So when our friends Pat and Stacey said they were going to be in the Napa Valley area for several days and wanted to know if we’d like to join them, the answer was a resounding, “Heck yes!” Continue reading

Flying Back in Time at Castle Air Museum

Today, my lovely wife surprised me by booking us into the Castle Air Museum RV Park, in Atwater CA, just East off highway 99 between Merced and Livingstone. We had passed this museum many times traveling back and forth to visit her family in Modesto. She knows I’m nuts about planes, especially warbirds from the WWII. Every time we passed the Castle museum, I’d comment that I wanted to visit there some day. I guess she got tired of hearing about it. Continue reading

Flying Flags RV Resort

It’s Halloween week at Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton, CA. This is a fantastic place to spend a few days, or even better, a week. The weather is magnificent, even if it’s hotter than the customarily warm days of Indian Summer here. We are so excited as we pull in! There is no doubt this is going to be a great place to stay! The entrance is decorated with fall pumpkins and scarecrows to help you get in the mood.

Continue reading

A Town Named Hurricane!

We are making our way South from our overnight at Lakeside RV Resort in Provo Utah. It was woodsy, with tall shade trees, peaceful and there was the added bonus of making new friends with fellow travelers Cal and Tammy. We are now retracing our drive up here through some pretty impressive countryside, mountains and badlands by way of Arizona, Nevada and then into Utah on the Interstate 15. This time, however, we are significantly WIDER and LONGER than we were on the route up! Continue reading