Back to Nature at Vista Ranch and Cellars

Driving into Vista Ranch and Cellars for the first time today is an unexpected treat. We were introduced to them by way of Harvest Hosts, who sign up private organic farms, ranches, wineries, distilleries and even cheese makers as locations where their members can overnight for free. We knew Vista Ranch and Cellars was an organic farm and local produce supplier, but we are pleasantly surprised to find out about the delicious “cellars” side of their business. Continue reading

A “Big Red” Howdy from Tobin James Cellars

We’re in Paso Robles, CA – yay! Home of “big red” wines and one of our personal favorite AVA wine regions. We spend our first night, compliments of Harvest Hosts, at Tobin James Cellars, just outside Paso Robles. For RVers, you couldn’t ask for a better venue. We can drink as much wine as we want and walk across the street to our home on wheels. I guess you could say we were WUI…much safer and cheaper than DUI! Continue reading

One Night Stand at Primm Valley Casino

This evening we are staying overnight at the Primm Valley Casino, which on the map looks like it’s so close to the California/Nevada border you could just jog across into California. In fact, the town used to be called State Line, but was too easily confused with a town of the same name along the northern Nevada border. So they renamed the town after it’s original developer, Ernest Jay Primm. Continue reading