Awe Struck in The Tetons!

We are staying in Star Valley Wyoming at the Star Valley Resort RV Park and today we drove a little over sixty miles to Grand Teton National Park. The sky is foreboding, with sun patches that flick across the snow capped peaks jutting sharply skyward from the valley of the Snake River. Even a rainy day cannot dispel the grandeur of this rugged mountain range. It is an eye-poppingly magnificent sight and as one would hope, I tend to use that phrase very sparingly! Continue reading

On The Road Again

This is it!! The first stop on our grand tour around the US. Packing the coach for what could be a year long trip was daunting and fraught with peril if we left something essential behind. So we decide to make our first stop a relatively close one to home. That brings us back to Guajome County Park in Oceanside, CA. Roughly 42 miles from our house in San Diego. This was an excellent planning decision because it turns out we did leave something essential behind…no not the cat! Continue reading