Awesome Oldest US Botanical Garden

We never pass up the opportunity to walk through an arboretum or botanical garden, especially when it is the oldest in the United States! The Missouri Botanical Garden is the most AWESOME one we have ever seen! You could spend hours walking this amazing park like setting. And then you could come back again and again to be inspired, relaxed and entertained! Continue reading

Shuffling Off To Buffalo

Kickin’ back and relaxing in a town that once ran wild! Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Buffalo Bill and Calamity Jane were just a few that passed through to spend a night just like us….once upon a time. The quaint little town of Buffalo Wyoming is steeped in history. Stroll the historic streets and you can see bits and pieces of it every where you look. Continue reading

Ah, Sweet Home!

Sweet Home is just that, a sweet little town which covers less than 6 square miles. But it is 6 square miles of beauty! Tree covered mountainsides are split by canyons of rushing rivers.  Douglas-fir, the state tree of Oregon, is the most predominate but cedar, white pine and ponderosa pine make the scenery burst with more shades of green than your giant box of crayons. Ferns, and the ever famous rhododendrons, create a ground cover under the trees. But there is more to Sweet Home than the trees! Continue reading

Historic Brownsville Oregon

Traveling cross country as we are, we have quickly come to realize that every place we stop has a unique story. For Brownsville, a town with a population under 2000 people, their story is that it has never lost it’s identity to growth, or charm to big box retail. Pulling into Brownsville is like traveling back in time. You can walk down the main street and visit your dentist, your doctor, go to the post office and have breakfast at the cafe, or a drink at the saloon without breaking a sweat! Let’s step back in time for an afternoon together! Continue reading

Tillamook: Capes and Cows

The cheeses of Tillamook have been known to us for years and years. It is the natural wonders, the breathtaking coastlines and the funky hidden gems that we were yet to discover. “Tillamook” is a Native American word for “Land of Many Waters.” And it’s true! There are 5 rivers, 5 bays, and the Pacific Ocean. Now we know, there is more to Tillamook than cheese and ice cream! Although, it was so good, that could have been enough too! Let’s share! Continue reading