The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina were smokier than usual with all the fires burning in the area when we arrived but the beauty of fall in the mountains was abundant! Once you battle your way through the bumper to bumper tourist traffic in Gatlinburg, you burst into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and a peaceful awe settles over you. It is worth all the traffic….. Continue reading

Sacred Beauty of Devils Tower

A picture is worth a thousand words. The saying couldn’t be more true than when you are looking at Devils Tower. The pictures are beautiful but it is the feeling that comes over you when you view this towering rock against a crystal clear blue sky. You have to be here to really get it! It is awesome with the columns rising up to the sky. There is also a peaceful feeling that washes over you as you gaze at it form all directions. Continue reading

Awe Struck in The Tetons!

We are staying in Star Valley Wyoming at the Star Valley Resort RV Park and today we drove a little over sixty miles to Grand Teton National Park. The sky is foreboding, with sun patches that flick across the snow capped peaks jutting sharply skyward from the valley of the Snake River. Even a rainy day cannot dispel the grandeur of this rugged mountain range. It is an eye-poppingly magnificent sight and as one would hope, I tend to use that phrase very sparingly! Continue reading

Newberry Caldera and Volcanic National Monument

As we drive up the winding access road to the two lakes situated inside the Newberry Caldera, it’s hard to believe that far beneath the thick pine forest, trees swaying in the warm breezes and gently rippling pristine blue water of the lakes, a seething geothermal giant lies in fretful slumber. It’s restless presence has the USGS keeping a close eye on the needles of their metering equipment! Continue reading