Historic Brownsville Oregon

Traveling cross country as we are, we have quickly come to realize that every place we stop has a unique story. For Brownsville, a town with a population under 2000 people, their story is that it has never lost it’s identity to growth, or charm to big box retail. Pulling into Brownsville is like traveling back in time. You can walk down the main street and visit your dentist, your doctor, go to the post office and have breakfast at the cafe, or a drink at the saloon without breaking a sweat! Let’s step back in time for an afternoon together! Continue reading

Back to Nature at Vista Ranch and Cellars

Driving into Vista Ranch and Cellars for the first time today is an unexpected treat. We were introduced to them by way of Harvest Hosts, who sign up private organic farms, ranches, wineries, distilleries and even cheese makers as locations where their members can overnight for free. We knew Vista Ranch and Cellars was an organic farm and local produce supplier, but we are pleasantly surprised to find out about the delicious “cellars” side of their business. Continue reading