Crashing A Friend’s Party With Our Phantom 4 Drone

Pranking a fellow Phantom 4 pilot for his birthday at Star Valley Ranch Resort Park in Thayne, Wyoming. He along with all his guests (except our wives) were surprised to see the sudden appearance of a Phantom 4 to film him cutting his cake.

It was all in good fun, no animals were harmed in production and everyone had a good time. It’s also a worthy instructional clip on how to film remotely using point-of-view on your iPad.

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

As we pull into Idaho on I 84, we see an exit for Chicken Dinner Road and it cracks us up! There has to be a story behind that, right? You bet there is! We got the scoop in the most interesting way while sipping some great wine in Idaho Wine Country! You heard me right! Idaho is producing some really good wines. It pays to get out and explore! You never know what you will learn. Continue reading


So you thought you knew how to pronounce Almonds, huh? Michele tells us why they don’t call them Almonds around here!

If you ever visit the Central Valley region of California, you will find out it is California’s single most productive agricultural region and one of the largest in the world.

Besides Walnuts and Pistachios, they produce huge crops of Almonds. But you might be surprised to know the locals don’t call them Almonds! At one of the many Harvest Hosts locations, we get the scoop on this visiting an Almond orchard at Vista Ranch & Cellars.

The Adventure Begins!

Our crazy adventure officially begins today, 24 September 2015, as we drive from San Diego to Draper Utah to pick up our new Tiffin Allegro Bus. We got this wacky idea, almost three years ago, to buy a “big fat” RV motor-home and travel the US in search of fun, adventure, great regional cuisine and lots of new friends along the way!  Continue reading