Amazing Story of Magic Valley Idaho

The breathtaking view of the valley along the Snake River is hard to anticipate. As we drove south along Highway 93 toward Twin Falls Idaho to see the famous Perrine Bridge, there was virtually no warning before the sheer cliff walls of the Snake River Canyon leaped into view. One moment we were driving through green pasture lands and the next we were hanging high above the 500 foot rock precipice over the north cliff wall driving over the amazing bridge that spans the deep gash in the earth on either side.  Continue reading

Base Jumping Off Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho

If the post title made you think WE might actually be parachuting off this bridge, then I have another bridge I’d like to sell ya! There is no way in hell we would jump off a bridge with a parachute – or cliff, out of an airplane, or anything else actually requiring a parachute. But it was spectacular to watch these crazy base jumpers stepping over the railing and leaping into space and a little sobering to see the headstone below memorializing the all too many who didn’t quite make it safely to their landing area. Continue reading